Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On this day in History

As many of my other blog buds out there have noted, today marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor which ultimately ended up pulling us into World War II where millions paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Our eyes were opened to horrors that can be perpetrated on the whim of a madman and two atomic bombs were dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima which put an end to perhaps the bloodiest war in human history.

Today is also my wedding anniversary.  My better half beat me to the punch this morning as he wrote his post last night and scheduled it to post at 7am this morning.  Sneaky hubby!

Thirteen years ago, my darling husband took on the task that was something akin to The Taming of the Shrew.  Granted, I wasn't mean like in the play nor was I particularly unruly; however, I was a bit on the wild side (which I suspect was in part, what attracted him to me to begin with).

During our courtship, without going into too much detail, I did everything I could think of to scare him away.  I figured if he could truly love me for who I am without trying to change me, I would have found my soul mate.

Mission accomplished.

Never in my life have I know a man (aside from my own beloved father) who truly has a big heart and who can accept me for all my faults and encourage me in my better qualities.  For that my darling love, I cherish you always though sometimes I don't express it well.

My dad passed away a couple of years before my husband came into my life.  I had been divorced twice and was a single mom, struggling to make ends meet (which was a result of my own stupid decisions)  and doing my best to keep myself out of trouble.  I know that my father passed away worried that I would never find true love.  Worried that I would never be able to find a partner in life that I could truly respect.  Worried that I would never find someone who would love me and my girls unconditionally. 

As best as I could, I tried to ease his worry for me by promising him that I would get my shit together and improve my situation.  That I would do this on my own merit and then once I'm standing on my own and stronger that maybe, eventually I will find love.

Once I found a much better job and things were going really well for me, I had no real intention of falling in love.  I had been through it all and failed at it miserably so what was the point?

As I believe I've mentioned before, Kx and I worked together, which is how we met.  We were sitting at the lunch table in the office having lunch when one of our other co-workers began talking about his wife (most likely bossing him around or something).  I looked at Kx and said, "If I ever THINK about getting married again, please, just shoot me!"  He laughed and said, "Me too."

Several months down the road, after having attended a few of the same parties and some office happy hours, Kx had taken notice that I was (according to him) quite the little hottie.  He ended up asking me to go to the rodeo with him as he had gotten tickets from a client and didn't know who else liked country music.

I accepted the invitation, my mother, who never would babysit my girls for me when it was my weekend, was more than happy to watch them for me.  In fact, I think that I could hear her cheers and jumping up and down from my office.

So off to the Rodeo we went.  Alan Jackson performed and his performance was really lack-luster and it turned out that his wife had left him earlier that week.  Anyway, so we were at the rodeo on what I thought was a non-date.  I suppose the non-date turned into a date when he put his arm around me and held my hand as we searched for his lost vehicle amongst a gazillion other vehicles after the show.

It was the sweetest night of my life.  A couple of weeks later, I asked him to go and shoot pool after work and from there on we were an item and nine months after that we were married, 13 years ago today.

It hasn't always been a cakewalk, but no marriage ever is, it has, however been a sweet adventure.

So to my wonderfully handsome, witty, intelligent and cuddly Groom; happy anniversary.  I am better for having you in my life and you complete me.  Thank you for the years together and thank you for accepting me for who I am.  I look forward to the many years to come and I am the luckiest woman on the planet.

I love you.


  1. Belle, Great story.... Happy Anniversary (and many more) to you and kx59!

  2. What a beautiful post.

    Congratulations, Belle and xk59. You're both lucky people!

  3. You are a lucky woman from the sound of it. Here's to another 13.


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