Monday, December 19, 2011

More on Holder and OK City Bombing

I just found this on Free Republic

Documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show then Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder authorized members of the FBI to provide explosives to Oklahoma City bombing criminals Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols immediately prior to the April, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.
Holder had authorized the FBI to provide the explosives to McVeigh and Nichols in conjunction with a Clinton Administration undercover operation named PATCON, an acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy.” As Jesse Trentadue describes it, “PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite… militia[s] and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.”
Both Waco and Ruby Ridge are now known to have been PATCON inspired, Department of Justice plots. Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, Holder instructed FBI agents to recover from Terry Nichols any remainder of the explosives the Bureau had provided him and McVeigh.
To the chagrin of Eric Holder, the explosives were later discovered by another agency, complete with the fingerprints of both Nichols, McVeigh and 2 FBI agents.
Holder had reportedly offered Nichols respite from the death penalty for his cooperation in recovering the explosives. Obviously the Deputy Attorney General considered covering up his criminal complicity in the bombing eminently worth sparing Nichols just punishment for the murders of 168 innocent Americans.
Jesse Trentadue accidentally came across PATCON while investigating the murder of his brother Kenneth at the hands of the Clinton Department of Justice.
An FBI informant familiar with the Oklahoma City bombing story, Kenneth was found hanged in his cell after having been jailed by the FBI. Though an official FBI report had listed Kenneth as a suicide, it was obvious that he had been severely beaten and his throat cut….
 Geez I'm really getting paranoid.  I need that tin foil hat of my hubby's, but I smell a rat.  A big fat rat.


  1. When I read that to my mom she was even pissed off, and that doesn't happen very much. Let's see how the MSM tries to hide this one.

  2. Well, he's nothing if not consistent - a consistent traitorous lawbreaking a$$6ole!

  3. Apparently you are all racists!

  4. @North - if rabble-rousing agents provocateurs are a race, then YES!

  5. Ummm....... WOW! Dude just shows his colors more and more. And the lofty then wonder why the whole gunny and preparation type mentality is spreading? More are seeing that our government is full of corrupt nuts!

  6. Holder deserves more than a special investigator; he deserves a grand jury. And the same cell any other American would get for doing what he's done.


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