Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dallas Area Blogshoot II is in the formative stages.  Bob S. is community organizing at 3 Boxes of BS, with helpful input from TheRedneckEngineer.  Looks like some time in September.
Mark your Calendar.  DAB I was awesome.  The lovely Belle and I are already planning on attending.


  1. Need some help pinning down a date - don't be afraid to jump in with a suggestion.

    I'm open all of the month except the last Saturday -- the club actually expects the Membership Secretary to show up to New Member Orientation, can you believe that?

    Leaning toward Sunday of Labor Day at The RedNeck Engineer's range -- would an extra travel day make it workk?

    1. Bob,
      I'm fine with labor day weekend, and TRE's range sounds great.
      I'm going to cross post this at your blog to stir the pot a little and see what others think.

  2. Labour day works for me.
    If the heat has toned down by then, then the AC-in-a-club-house may not be as big a necessity.
    If we were planning this for July, I wouldn't have even mentioned I have range access!

  3. Really liking that picture, by the way.

    1. Thanks, practicing my GIMP skills. (k, I lied, experimenting with random image filters in GIMP).
      That was one of my pics from DAB I.
      I'm not very picky about shooting venues. The first BAR blogshoot in Lockhart, when we first met the Mighty Borepatch, it hit 105 ambient. I just nurse a water bottle all day. No worries.


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