Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's what's for Dinner

Venison and Pork Sausage with Red Beans and Rice.
The sausage from Chappell Hill. Red Beans and Rice courtesy of Tony Chachere's.
Salty salty goodness. Scarfed two bowls. Crap. Forgot the chopped onions. Sigh.

Chapell Hill, TX is not far from BAR, and we go to the meat market there from time to time. Even better though, I can get their sausage in the local grocery.


  1. HMMMM.

    Let's see Southwest has low cost fares but not sure about being able to afford a rental car.

    Then there would be the whole "inviting myself to supper" issue to discuss.


  2. I'll be right over. Man, that sounds good.

  3. Hey, any of you guys would be more than welcome. Just call first so I don't answer the door in my bathrobe.


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