Friday, June 8, 2012

Got my ass handed to me last night........

Yeah, hubby outshot me.......   what else is new...

It's okay, considering that I haven't fired my pistol in a couple of weeks before last night, I forgive myself.

What I'm finding my biggest trouble is, rushing and anticipating my shot so I'm firing low.  I'll get that sorted out in short order though.

On the upside...  I only shot 3 innocents and had only 1 procedural error... ;)

Of course shooting the innocents in the scenarios = bad bad juju, lots of time added to your score; however, the inncents in reality would hopefully GTF out of the way... heh.

Good news also is that my draw is getting much better....   I still can't shoot worth a darn sitting down though.... (insert eye roll and deep sigh)  If it were a live person, I would hit a potential goblin from a sitting position; though he might be missing a pee-pee afterward!

It was a lot of fun last night and my other half had a great time as well.  I think he's still smiling about it today....  as am I...   I was very proud of him last night....   well done oh hubby of mine.


  1. Bringing back some memories here. . .

    I used to shoot IPSC a lot, and I mean A LOT. This was back in the bad old law enforcement days, and we started coming up with the darndest scenarios.

    Best (or worst) one ever was when we, er, *ahem* "acquired" a porta-potty and set it as the beginning of a staging run in which you had to fire from the s*itting position with your pants down around your ankles (no female members of the club back then, damn it) and then hobble through a short course that simulated your return back to your patrol/squad/gov't issue car.

    We had an old police unit we'd also acquired there at the range (we practiced and trained at an outdoor sheriff's range that was a dug-out abandoned quarry pit).

    That poor car suffered some damage, but amazingly, nobody ever shot the porta-potty.

    I guess that's because we quickly figured out it could serve double duty, not just as a staging ground for a off-the-charts shooting exercise.


  2. bwahahahaha! Pants around the ankles would bring a whole new level of difficulty. I better start wearing my good underwear to the events just in case :-)


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