Friday, June 15, 2012

She Moved On to the Black Square

You Go Girl.
Maura turns thought into motion
She turned the comments OFF.
Mind made up, just going to do it.
So, don't be a stranger. 60 days in or so, post up the running progress and the RECIPES.
food porn ist gut.
She probably won't even see this post. I think she went Dark.


  1. And we cannot even tell her how much she meant to us as we applaud her choice. She DID go dark as far as I can tell.

  2. *hugs KX and Keads*

    I didn't go dark. Did you miss the last paragraph, where I promised to post occasionally? :-)

    I'm just no longer posting daily, as I have been for a few years. It simply takes too much time, too much prep work - too much. I spend far too long on the weekends in front of the computer and I need to not "be in here" but I need to "be out there."

    I turned the comments off for that post simply because it was more a statement to myself and my readers than a place for interaction.

    I will still be here. I will still read and comment on blogs. And hopefully, once I buy a shiny boomstick of my own, will be a gun owner myself.

    A Clean Eating gun owner who occasionally blogs about it.

    Still here. I promise.

    Now put down the bacon and back away from the donut and nobody gets hurt. :-D

    1. Well yes,I'm sure your blog does take a bit of work, considering you put up actual, like, you know, content :-)
      I'll drop the donut, but the bacon you will have to pry from my cold dead hand.


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