Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Wonder We're Effing Broke.........

Good grief, where the hell do I begin with this?

Apparently, we have a USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) that exists for the sole purpose of investigating atheletes who may or may not have doped while participating in their sport.

WTF are we doing?  I mean, since when is it the nanny state's job to look  in to shit like this?  Really?  I mean, shouldn't it be the sporting association's (of whichever sport we're talking about ) job to police itself?  Why in the hell do our tax dollars pay for such a governmental intrusion of the private sector?

You would think that the Feds would be more concerned with policing their own agencies... like oh I don't know... the ATF....the Justice Department....  the Executive Branch??   Fast and Furious anyone?

So now it's Lance Armstrong getting questioned about doping.  In fact, they are filing charges against him.  So correct me if I'm wrong...   but before these major cycling events, don't they test them for performance enhancing drugs?  I do believe that they do, but then again, I could be wrong.

Whether or not they are tested before these competitions is irrelevant, what is very disturbing to me is that the reason they started investigating Armstrong in the first place is because they questioned his record breaking performances and were suspicious of whether or not he could have really accomplished all that he has without doping......   huh?

I'm just sick of this shit.  Every day, innocent citizens are groped at the airport simply because they want to travel, the NSA peeks into our emails looking for whatever they look for.. keywords?   I'm sure that I'm flagged a gazillion times.....and now, they are requiring atheletes to essentially piss in a cup, yet they are suing the State of Florida for wanting to require people living on welfare to piss in a cup......   ironic?  Just a tad.....     Enraging?   Fuck yes!

No wonder we're broke.

/end rant


  1. Great spot on rant!! :) It's so true, they seem to have the priorities all eff'd up and backwards.

    Some day things will hopefully change.. after the next revolution most likely.

  2. AW, C'MON! Tell us how you really feel...

    I concur. Fuck yes!


  3. So correct me if I'm wrong... but before these major cycling events, don't they test them for performance enhancing drugs? I do believe that they do, but then again, I could be wrong. Not only do they test them before the events, the race leader is tested every day, every stage winner is tested, and the rest of the riders are tested at random.

    When they're not racing, they get visited at random times by the cycling regulators who show up with a cup or syringe. If refuse, you give up your license to race. So a guy like Armstrong, who has been racing since the early 90s, has been tested hundreds of times, if not thousands. I've never heard of one test coming back positive.

    No justification at all.

    I know a handful of cyclists. Every one responded to this by saying, "They're going after Lance? I didn't realize it was mid-June already" Just another agency trying to impress us with how important they are.


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