Monday, June 18, 2012

Yoiks money turns into noise quick

Two months back or so, AmmoForSale had on a thousand rounds of Magtech 9mm for $199.  So I bought it.  The lovely Belle and I shot the remainder of it up this past Saturday. It's become kind of a rather noisy weekly date.
I was pleasantly surprised the first time I ordered from those folks when the "box" arrived at work three days later.  One thing I learned is that carrying a briefcase in one hand and a thousand rounds of 9mm to your car in the other can be challenging for a cube dweller.
This evening, I find myself pleasantly surprised again.  The 1000 round cases are out of stock, so I bought 20 boxes of 50 at $11.50 a box over this past weekend.  Email says ammo due to arrive this coming Wednesday, UPS ground. Just in time for Thursday's IDPA match.
I reduced their stock of Magtech by 28%.

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