Monday, June 18, 2012

I almost forgot

So I sent myself an email as a reminder.
Being a Dad and Well Married, I tend to "hold off" on spending money on myself.  Holding as much as I can bank covers "unforeseen events" which I have learned over the years only elicit an "ugh" versus a "holy shit!" if you have some money put back.
Ugh is much better. It still elicits acid reflux, but it's still better.
Belle ordered a Dragon Leatherworks holster for me a month or two back for Father's day. I patiently await its arrival.
Belle rapid fires and burns through her allotment of ammo faster than I do on our range day Saturdays.
She was waiting for me in the lobby area at the Shiloh Shooting Range with a gift certificate for a CHL class when I came out.
That was a nice Father's Day surprise.
The email reminds me to register with the State, pay the fees and get finger printed.

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  1. Congrats.

    That is a good fathers day present.


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