Friday, June 22, 2012

Spanking the US Olympics Team spokesperson

This comes via Bluesun via his Mom and I am righteously indignated, so I'm pig piling.
My Mother, Grandmothers and Great Aunts all knitted and crocheted.
I'm having a Lewis Black lightning storm in my brain right now trying to get the long stream of cuss words to come out so I can effectively express my feelings about this.  There will either be an update later with a long stream of unspaced eptithets, or my head will explode.
In the meantime as the pressure abates, I read further into Popehat's 1000 word post on the subject that Bluesun linked, which, contrary to my comment on Bluesun's blog, can be summed up as "meh".
Popehat apparently has had no knitters in his family.
For now, this will have to express my indignation.

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  1. You did look like your blood pressure was a little low...


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