Friday, June 22, 2012


The Houston Comical news feed on the right sidebar shows this link title:

"Deputies investigate slaying in NW Harris"


Which links to this short article regarding a Deputy that opens a closet door, gets fired upon by a perp in which said Deputy dispatches the perp.  Score one for the "good guy".

I canceled my subscription to the Houston Comical twenty years ago. 
Belle put the Comical news feed in the sidebar.
I'd take it off except it's such good blog fodder.

update: They can't even get the quadrant of the city correct, now the link has been updated to:
"Deputies investigate slaying in NE Harris"


  1. My name for it is the barnacle. Facts mean nothing anymore. But posting it up before anyone else is the name of the game. Sure makes you look like an idiot when you're discussing the news with your neighbor over the fence.

  2. I like the Barnacle. It's a good ring to it. I dropped the paper several years ago. The only reason I wish I go tit would be for the dog to have something to pee on.

    They are quickly headed the same direction of the rest of the print rags. Dying. My in-laws still get it and it is thinner and thinner. In NOLA the Picayune just layed off a bunch of staff and went to a 3x a week schedule I'm sure soon to be a 0x per week.

    The only part that bothers me in the least is that the people too blind to see the end are now out on the rears. If they or the company had enough insight to 1) print news and not opinions 2) Focused on Quality and detail 3) embraced the winds of change it may have been an improvement.

    With the internet and blogs print media will never be the 1st to break a story. But in the world of 120 character headlines maybe they should think about doing a deeper dive into the story. That and dropping the PSH liberal bias.

  3. Sorry for the rant. I did't realize I went that long till I published it.


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