Friday, June 8, 2012

If you got in your car and drove for twelve hours

How many States would you pass through?
Back in '06, I was trying to describe how big Texas is while in Boston meeting with my MEP consultants.
The post title and first line were my answer.
If I head west or northwest from the Hacienda de Campana, in twelve hours I can get to El Paso, or Amarillo...Texas.  Might be a bit less now that the speed limit has been raised to 90 85 80 75 + 5.
Watch out for Hondo though.  There is an official State sign there which states, "This is God's Country. Don't drive like Hell through it."  Duly noted. Yes Sir.
What got me to thinking aboot this is that Aertae posted his weekend itinerary for driving the family back to civilization from the People's Republik of Kalifornia [The Entitlement State!]
Five hours from the West Texas border to S.A.
Ya'll might want to get off the road. He's going to be bookin' it.
I think I just heard Borepatch snort as diet coke came out his nose.


  1. It'd get me back to Waco. ;-)

    Err, and it was a lovely adult beverage ...

    1. boat drinks. ;) 5 hours is hookin' and bookin'.

    2. 500 miles (560), man....not 5 hours. With kids and dogs, it's gonna take me 7.

  2. I was going to say, it was 5 hours for me to get from Odessa/Midland to El Paso, and it's another few hours from there to S.A.

    There were several billboards up in west Texas when I lived there that said "California is closer than Dallas",wonder who they were trying to appeal to?


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