Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Police Militarization and No Happy Ending

The Harris County Sheriff's Department raids a few massage parlors.
I don't know if the add preceding the video will still be the same, but when I watched it, it was a clinic's or Doctor's add for back and neck pain. Targeted advertising?
From the article, petitions and lawsuits were filed, which sounds more "civil" than "criminal".
So, not only did citizens have to petition before the cops did anything about it, the Sheriff's Dept. thought it necessary to go full face cover anti-terrorist mode to arrest a bunch of whores.
K, so it was only one deputy in full face cover. Que'?
I happened to witness about 5 unmarked cars, small ones mind you, Impalas I think. Dark tinted windows, all white no markings, aggressively maneuvering through traffic a while back. They got hung up in the exit traffic I was idling in. I saw one of the guys in one of the cars. All decked out in complete black Tacticool talking feverishly on his radio.
Normally, having a LEO in sight gives me a sense of security.
The way those guys were driving, the black gortex, and the blacked out windows did not.
I was more concerned about them than what they might have been chasing.


  1. In the commentary on a number of these raids they claim the women may be enslaved. Yet they run in all geared up and march them out fully shackled.
    If they were enslaved to perform the role you think maybe we could show a little bit of control and not treat them as if they are cartel hitmen?

    Oh wait that's right they'd call the hitmen and ask them to come out to avoid a fire fight.

  2. This wave of police overkill is no surprise... Did you know that the Israeli Mossad is training some of our small-town cops now? The Posse Comitatus act has prevented the military from being used as law enforcement, so they've found a clever way around it: make the police INTO the military! This is just one piece of the bigger picture showing that the US is headed for martial law... Check out http://www.martiallawusa.com if you want to see more signs that our Constitution is being dismantled.


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