Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let Me Help You With That

No, really it's no trouble at all

It's teh eevil Trees!

go here

and here

Plants, to a lesser degree, give off similar substances, such as terpenes from pine trees.

We have a few of those around here, pine trees that is. Roughly eleventy!!11! Billion.

I thought Ozone was a good thing. I mean, what ever happened to the whole Ozone hole crisis thing?
Oh. Nevermind Algore found a better wealthredistribution scheme; Global Warming Climate Change, er Climate Disruption, er Sustainability!
I only mock you, in the most church lady loving way, because you are self loathing insane moonbats that believe you don't deserve to live on planet earth Mother Gaia and you think I should not either.
By all means, please lead by example and euthanize yourselves first. 

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  1. This crap (being polite) is why my head hurts most of the time. That and the face palms that go with reading the hooey.

    How arrogant, knowing they won't lose their grants because the majority just doesn't care.


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