Friday, June 15, 2012

When all else fails

Follow the directions.
I participated in my second IDPA match last night.  Boy howdy do I need to practice shooting at longer distances. At this point though, my development as an IDPA shooter is more about conquering myself than anything else.  I do myself no favors with hits on non-threats and procedural errors.
I feel like the Kevin Klein character from "A Fish Named Wanda" -"what was that middle part again?"
Most of my procedural errors occurred in the middle of the array of targets with me shooting them in the wrong sequence. I hit two non-threat targets last night, the second of which I barely nicked and the bad guy behind took it just right of the sternum.

Stage 4 was the one I expected to do the worst on.  This required shooting while moving.
Starting point had two bad guys close with one non-threat half covering the right hand bad guy.  Backing away, draw and shoot while moving towards cover. That part went surprisingly well. Four shots, two in each, no points down.  Next: from cover shoot three targets. At this point I've got 7 rounds. Six shots fired, two in each, two points down.  Pull back behind cover and reload.  Next step, moving from left to right shoot target number 6 on the move. Two shots fired at T6 no points down.
(Something has to be wrong here. This is going way too well.)
Last step, continue moving to low cover shoot targets T7 and T8 with one knee on the ground. Four shots, two in each target, no points down.
S.O. says, "You did that beautifully, except..."  I shot the three middle targets inside to out, instead of outside to in - wrong sequence. 5 second penalty.
I haz met the enemy and he is me.  Regardless, still my best run of the night.

One other glitch I ran into last night was that the starter the S.O. was using happened to emit a tone that was exactly the same as the ringing in my ears from my tinnitus.  So, I'd nod to let him know I was ready to shoot....and nothing.  So the S.O. would announce again "shooter let me know when you are ready".  I'd nod and...nothing.
After the third iteration, I realized he was hitting the button on the starter and I just wasn't hearing it.  At which point I let him know I couldn't hear the starter.

Fun stuff last night. Gets me outside my comfort zone.
Oh, I see they've posted up the video on the club website.  I'm almost afraid to watch.

Update:  Let's see if the video embed works.  My better run of the night. If you watch as I get to "cover", you'll see me screw up, lean out and shoot the inside target first.  Yay me! lmao.

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