Friday, June 22, 2012

Putting in my application for Bus Monitor

Since we can't just haul those kids up by their ears and cane them till they bleed, which I consider an appropriate response to their behavior, 'Mericans did this
Which I have no doubt is encouraging to Mrs. Klein, validating her indignation and humiliation, but it is not a solution to the fundamental problem.
These miscreants are the grandchildren of the baby boom generation. Well, could even be the children of the of the baby boom generation. I've seen some pretty old hippies with six year olds.
What the fuck happened with that generation?  I'm on the very back end of that generation, and even since I was a kid, watching, my reaction has been, "huh? wait, what?"
Was there some supersecretpyschotropicdrugweapon used in WWII that caused all the servicemen returning from the war to produce insane spawn?
(actually, in all seriousness, I would appreciate some commentary on that last line, because it perplexes me.)
I think I'm good to go on the application for Bus Monitor, stand up citizen, never been arrested. Well, there was that one question about Dispute Resolution to which my answer was, "Boot Gut".
I dunno. I'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Socialism
    Prayer in school
    The great society
    Three generations of people that have never worked
    My baby's daddy
    Where you be staying
    The NEA
    Zero Tolerance
    No church schooling
    Et cetera

    I know it's cliched but you catch my drift. Some of this is from personal experience. When our society became mobile and the typical family units broke up (grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles), the influence of the generations before was lost. I know that when I was confronted with things that were dicey, I always asked myself "What would Grandpa think?" I was no angel but it kept me from the worst decisions.


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