Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good Article

The Lee's Summit Conservative has a wonderful article over there about our personal freedoms, in particular our freedom of speech.

I do have to amend a little something that he wrote over there.  He said, "For all of us to sit idly by and allow the Obama Administration, or any administration whether Republican, Libertarian, or Democrat to further curtail the freedom of speech, the freedom of openly sharing ideas and concepts and even arguments, is to relinquish the rights our forefathers fought to create and to preserve."

While I agree with him in principle, I have to disagree with the premise that our founders created our rights. Our rights are not granted to us by a benevolent government, our rights are inalienable and can never be taken away, they can only be violated.

The moment that we start thinking that someone other than our creator (whatever that may be, intelligent design, or fluke of nature) gave us our rights, is the moment that they can take them away.  Our rights as human beings do not cease to exist simply because a government refuses to acknowledge those rights.  They still exist.  As rational creatures, we must always keep that in mind and always fight to prevent our rights from being violated.

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