Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Human Spirit

There is one thing that I have noticed about liberals in general, their hatred of man.  Many of them believe that humans are somehow outside of nature and that what we do destroys rather than builds something productive.

We are, for some reason, supposed to feel guilty for building a livable society.  We are supposed to express the same amount of self-loathing that they undoubtedly feel.  I reject this notion.

I believe that man is basically good.  That what we, as human beings accomplish is within the balance of nature and that whatever odd weather patterns are taking place has little to nothing to do with mankind.

Yesterday, I took my mother and my oldest granddaughter to see The Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet.  It was a first time to see that show for all of us.  I have to say that watching my little granddaughter’s eyes widen when the ballerinas started to dance made me truly believe that the human spirit is alive and well.  It was magical.

As I watched the show in utter amazement, I know that the values that I hold are true.  There is something profound about watching a person perform a craft that they have worked their whole life to accomplish.  This holds true for every profession, but watching the dancers, knowing the countless hours they put into their performance, really moves me.  How can anyone believe that humans are not a part of nature? 

Yes, the human spirit is alive and well.

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  1. It seems that we should ask these people which of our children and grandchildren should be eliminated to ensure their New Jerusalem.

    It's an ugly conversation. At least, it was when I did it. They don't like it when you keep bringing them back to their own stated goals.


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