Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fishing is soooo relaxing....

Okay not really so much when you're on a boat.  Nope no relaxation about it unless you hire the boat and they have their own deckhands.....

Yes, this is Belle, deckhand for the BAR boating and fishing trips.  Kx is of course the captain, since he has way more experience at all things nautical than I, especially when it comes to being at the helm.  Years ago, while I have learned to pilot a boat and I do pretty well, it was decided that  I really am good at all the grunt work that's involved in boating.

I am always in charge of the anchor, both deploying and pulling up the anchor.  I am also always in charge of or better said really, I am THE BAR standard and nonstandard methods of unsticking the boat as referred to by Kx in his previous post.  Here let me explain these methods to you.

The standard BAR method for unsticking the boat is for when it's a typical sticking such as, but not limited to:

1. Trapped in the mud due to anchoring close to shore to find the fish in salt grass or other in water structure close to shore.
2.  In the sand when the boat is intentionally beached for fishing or fun purposes.
3.  Trapped in the mud simply because there is a low tide and the navigator (oh yeah that's me too using a GPS and a map) is just slightly off course.

The standard BAR method for unsticking the boat consists of Kx at the helm, barking at deckhand to get to the front of the boat.  Deckhand then takes the depth sounder (otherwise known as an oar) and uses it to push the boat out of the mud while the captain is at the helm maneuvering the boat using the wheel and the engine.

The non-standard BAR method for unsticking the boat is used after at least 20 minutes of standard method being tried.  This method consists of Kx at the helm, deckhand finally throwing up her hands and saying, screw this and laying depth sounder on the deck and going overboard to push and 'manhandle' the boat off of sandbar or out of mud while Kx is expertly maneuvering the boat using the wheel and the engine.

So, after having read Kx's account of events on our 'relaxing' fishing trip, you can see that really it wasn't very relaxing until we got home, ate dinner and for me personally, after I took a muscle relaxer and had two glasses of wine.  I was so sore when we got back to the house that even my eyelashes hurt.

Hubby and I, are really a good team on the boat.  Though when the kids were small they would think that we both lost our minds because there is a lot of raised voices and creative cussing going on.. but really if I am ever in a jam, then it's Kx that I would always want in my corner..  thank goodness I married him!

I really have nothing else to add about our outing other than it was great to be down there despite the issues we had and I can't wait to get back down there...


  1. I think you should abandon the depth sounder and go with depth charges.

    1. lmao. The Army Corp of Engineers would not approve...

  2. Maybe it's just my experience with the Army Corps of Engineers (which is... not impressive), but I think that even if they noticed, they'd spend the next six years passing the information that someone is bombing national waterways and wind up charging some orphanage in Minneapolis with a parking ticket.


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