Friday, July 18, 2014

Gray hair and computers do not mix well

Actually that is a misstatement.
People and computers do not mix well...from a security standpoint.
Anything a human hand touches will get fucked up to some degree. That is more absolute than taxes or death.

One of my very senior partners emailed today to tell me he ran the computer "cleaner" program my part time IT guy put on his computer and now it was asking him for money to "clean" his computer.
He was on the intertubes and clicked the pop up that told him his computer was infected.
Similar name to the malware program we do use, so he clicked away.*

My gray haired users fuck up their computers because of ignorance.
My twenty something users fuck up their computers because of stupidity, and "OH! A Shiny Thing!"

I see all kinds of quips on the net about how adept the younger generations are with computers. Hell I can't figure this out, I'll get my ten year old to fix it.
It is a lie.  Yes, they know how to get this app and that app and how to stream music on their iphone.
Yet, they still have to find the email with the link to click for their timesheet so they can get paid.

Really? That's how you get to your timesheet?  Let me show you how to make an icon on your desktop with a quick link that will get your right there.

We are still cavemen, we just have higher tech clubs.
My network would be pristine and perfect if the "users" did not have to touch it.

* Years ago, pre-pentium days, when we first got Winders, he clicked the excel icon and it did not open right away.
So he clicked it again, and again...and again. He called me and said his computer was not working right.
As I arrived at his desk, I witnessed about twenty-seven instances of excell cascade across the screen.
"May I have your chair?"
click "X", Click "X" twenty-seven times.
" if the program does not open right away, wait for a minute"
"ok, thanks Kx"


  1. I'm sure your aware that computers suck at kickboxing.

    Beat me at Go Fish you sonovabitch, I'll show you.....

    1. lmao.
      I find that getting a bigger hammer works with them sometimes as well.

  2. >My network would be pristine and perfect if the "users" did not have to touch it.

    And every day I have to remind myself, that if it weren't for the users, we wouldn't need a network, and I wouldn't have a job.

    Just sayin'.

  3. I have found over the years that hammers have thus far been useless in fixing:
    1. Computers
    2. Carburetors
    That is not to say that they never will; perhaps I'm just not applying enough enthusiasm.


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