Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guns Welcome Sign increases business!!

Bluegrass Bruce  posted up an interesting little story on his blog.  He sent an email to me and pointed it out to me.  Bruce, thank you for reading our blog and welcome to the blogroll!!!  

You can find the story here .

On a side note, a bank in Chappel Hill, Texas had been robbed several times within a month or two and they posted a similar sign.  Interestingly enough, the robberies stopped.

Amazing what happens when you allow encourage law abiding citizens to exercise their right to self defense by keeping and bearing arms, in your establishment.  You increase traffic and suddenly your place of business becomes a much safer place.

Also, I can recall back in the 90's car jackings in the Houston area were on the rise.  It seemed that every night on the news there was at least one in town that was reported.  Often the owner of the car was at a stop light and pulled from their car and either killed if they resisted or left standing there while the perp drove off.

Once the concealed carry law went into effect and people were getting their licenses to carry....  well, car jackings decreased significantly.

Again, when you allow encourage people to exercise their right to self defense, violent crime tends to decrease and your neighborhood is a much safer place.


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