Friday, December 30, 2011


My daughter is not one of them.
Not much posting going on around here over the Holidays. I blame it on the Caloric Coma I've been in.
I've been "recharging my batteries" for the past couple of weeks, disconnecting from the fire hose feed of news and opinion. So to remain in the low stress strata I'm currently inhabiting,  I'm just going to brag on my daughter a bit.
We don't see much of her these days. She is busy busy busy - nose to the grind stone so she says.  With her off at school and little contact, I was never quite certain about that though.   On Christmas Day she was home and had some pics of some of her work on her smart phone, which she sent to me the other day.

It appears she has been diligent about her school work.  There's definitely some talent there. The execution of the sketch below reflects a great deal of practice, compressed into a very short time frame.  I was really impressed when she showed me this sketch.


  1. Is art her line of study or just something she enjoys? She's very talented should be proud!

    : )

  2. It's her major at school HB. Runs in the family. My Dad made a very good living as a commercial artist. Some of that rubbed off on me, but nothing like my two chillens. Skipped a generation I guess.
    Boo's cousin has a masters in art and is working up in New York. Her brother is not without talent either, but he also has a massive talent for esoteric math and is enrolled in the engineering program. I have some of his recent artwork that he has been keeping himself busy with over the Christmas break. I'll post some of that up too. WooHoo, aren't I the proud Daddy!


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