Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry......

As promised in the comments section of Motor Rasslin, here is the story of how I cracked my heel at the creek house.  A big thanks to that tattling husband of mine for ratting me out.

We were dating at the time and I guess I was still trying to impress him, though I had, by this time won his heart.  Once again, those pesky adult beverages were involved and for whatever reason, I decided to attempt, at the age of 30, a forward hand spring in the front yard.  When I was younger, I could do them no problem, but at the time, my mind thought I was still young, my body; however, disagreed.

So, I took off running across the yard and completed my handspring, quite nicely, I landed on my heels though (I was barefoot) and ended up falling on my behind.  I got up, a little embarrassed and decided to try and save face and do it again, you know, to prove that I could really stick a landing.

I'm walking up through the yard, towards the house and I feel this slight pain in my right heel.  I decided to ignore that pain in my heel and try it again anyway.  So, once again I take off running, this time faster than before and I sprung myself forward, landing on my hands, then catapulting myself over onto........  that's right.. my heels again....   this time, the pain shot up through my heel, and up through my leg.

Of course, I landed on my backside again, but I was on my feet long enough for it to be considered a landing that stuck.  Lucky me ended up with a limp for years while my heel was healing.  A couple years after this happened we started playing softball, and when I ran, I favored that heel by running on the ball of my feet...  I ended up with shin splints.

My gymnastics days, are thankfully over.  My youngest daughter, who was 4 at the time, asked me "Mommy did that hurt?"  I said, "Well yes it did, but big girls don't cry."

It's amazing what we will do to try and impress our significant other.

Until next time...........

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