Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou, Romeo?

Yesterday morning, I stumbled out of bed and headed downstairs for my morning cuppa.  I hear this noise of scrambling and shuffling going on, and then I hear the pet door open and close.  I hurry to the back door and turn on the light to catch Miss Kitty’s boyfriend (who for purposes of storytelling, I have named Romeo) running quickly away from the house.

This tells me one of two things.  The first, that Romeo was inside the house and made a quick escape when he heard me on the stairs.  The second, Miss Kitty was outside and Romeo decided to try romancing her up close and personal and she hauled-butt in the house to get away.  Truth be known, it’s probably the latter, though the former would be much more of an interesting story.

With that in mind, I will convey how I think that it would have happened in each instance.

Scenario 1:  Miss Kitty waits on the back porch for her Romeo, who has braved the cruel world and brought 
her offerings of tidbits such as dead rats out of sheer devotion of his never ending love.  He makes it over the fence and meets her face to face, for the first time, no window between them.  His heart pounds as he sees his beauty; he follows her inside and they share a nice meal of kibble and fresh water.  Life is good, life is grand, he is in love.

Suddenly, he hears footsteps.  It must be that human monster-thing approaching!  He must leave his lady-love who is obviously held captive by these humans!  He tries to entice her out the door, but there is no time, the footsteps are growing louder, faster!  He makes it out the door just as the light comes on, he rushes off into the night, saddened that he could not steal his lady away.  Oh he will wait, yes!  He will bide his time and wait until he can see his love once more.

Scenario 2:  Miss Kitty is lounging about on the back porch taking in the early morning air.  It’s nice and cool outside and she really likes the faint scent of jasmine in the breeze.  Her tiny mind wonders about that other cat that keeps annoying her afternoon slumbers by peeking in the windows at her and then making a fool of himself by rolling around in the dirt!  Dirt!  The Horror of it!  Then of all embarrassing things, she has to hear her humans complain about picking up a rat that he left for her, obviously a temptation to get her out to the front yard.

Suddenly she hears a noise in the distance, an intruder but who?  It’s Romeo, the crazy feline!  What does he want?  Romance?  Love?  Fat chance, he’ll get the sharp end of her claws if he gets too close.  She watches as he sneaks around the side of the house, slinking across the yard.  He sees her, his heart is all pitter-patter as he rushes towards her, knowing in his heart of hearts that she appreciates his flirting and his gifts.  She hears her humans moving about the house, thankfully, and rushes in the house.  “Mommy save me!”
Romeo attempts to follow but doesn’t like strange doors.  He sits and studies it, but suddenly the light comes on and he runs into the night, fleeing for safety.  He bides his time, waiting for a chance to explore the house when it’s empty.  Maybe they’ll go on vacation soon……….

That story reminds me to be sure that we close off the pet door when happen to go on vacation.  At any rate, I hope that you’ve enjoyed my little scenarios, with obvious embellishment (though the basics are true).  Sometimes it’s fun to just be silly and creative.

Until next time.


  1. Hi Belle-
    Have you ever read Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams? Your story about Miss Kitty's romancer reminded me of this story.

    I have a feeling you'd really enjoy it...


    (Spoilers here)

    Keep up the good blog!

    (here via Borepatch)

  2. Heh.

    Reminds me of Patty Lovelace's song "That Kind Of Girl", which opens:

    There's a man in a Stetson hat, howlin' like an alley cat
    Outside my window tonight
    Sayin', "Baby, put on something hot, meet me in the parking lot
    About a quarter to nine"

    I get the feelin' that he's never read Romeo and Juliet
    I'm gettin' tired of these one night stands
    But if you wanna make a real romance

    I'm that kind of girl, I'm that kind of girl

    One of my favorite songs from the 90s.

  3. Thank you both for commenting and of course the obvious, for reading! It's quite the little saga going on with the cats, but it's all good.

    TBG, no I've never read Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams but I will certainly do so.

    Borepatch, I loved that song, as well! I think that the 80's and 90's were really great for C&W, but of course nothing really beats the early years.


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