Saturday, October 2, 2010

Naïve or Just Plain Stupid?

The latest buzz in the news has been about the UN appointing an ambassador to extra-terrestrials (I’ve also read they deny that claim).  No, I’m not kidding.  If the story is true, what this tells me is that there is such self loathing going on within our own fellow human beings that they think that if we are visited by ETs who want to contact us that they will be so advanced ideologically, that they will come in peace.  They assume that other intelligent beings out there will not look at us like we are cattle and consider us food, but will want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

So, with this new appointment, I say it’s a good idea.  If the loonies at the UN assume that other intelligent species are naturally so advanced they want to make love not war, why not appoint some of our libs in Washington to the job?  They can meet the aliens and greet them when they first arrive.  If they get eaten, no harm no foul, at least we’ll know to load up and prepare defend ourselves, right?

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  1. Hmmm... so our choices would be:
    Republicans - attempt to get the aliens to go attack china first (successful, then they get eaten)
    Democrats - attempt to get the aliens to support their party (not successful, they get eaten)
    Libertarians - Invite the aliens to share a joint with them (aliens agree, are not pleased, then they eat them)
    Green Party - attempt to add aliens to endangered species list (the aliens thank them for the gesture, then eat them)
    Communist/Socialist party - attempt to convert the aliens and make them join a commune (aliens laugh themselves sick, then eat them)

    Sounds like a plan

  2. That's not a bad plan at all, Bag Man!

  3. Conspircy Theory time.
    NBC (At at least I think it is on NBC) has a new show this year called the event. They have a African American President who found out that for the last 66 years we have held aleins at a secrect prision in Alaska. On the day he was going to anounce it and release them, they start attacking (Terrorist type) The US. HMMMM makes you wonder now withthe UN appointing an ambassador to extra-terrestrials.


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