Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My! but things have gotten busy

Borepatch passed through town and emailed about a dinner meetup.  Being the lazy yahoo email reader that I am, I didn't see it till he was already headed out. His follow up email indicated he'd gotten tied up and probably wouldn't be able to make it, but I'm still annoyed with myself.
Turns out the Mighty Kevin. was in town as well and this would have been a blog meetup with two of my favorite bloggers.  A blogshoot reunion. Doubly annoyed with myself.
 It was not to be so.

All is not lost though.
The Big Guy will be in the BAR Extra-territorial jurisdiction soon and has an insatiable  need to cut his thumbs peeling mud bugs, extra ZING* included, double your order just pay extra shipping and handling.

Speaking of traveling bloggers, who all is headed to Houston for the NRA convention?

 * Cayenne pepper, the Coon-Ass answer to Merthiolate applied to a scratched ringworm. It's debatable whether it's hotter going in than coming out.


  1. I'm planning on being there at some point. Just not sure when.
    I don't have far to travel though.

    1. Hah! The distance you have to go doesn't count as travel. More of a commute I'd say.
      One of these days Teke, Cypress mini-blogshoot.

    2. I'm working on it.
      Between Baseball, Cheer, Birthday Parties, Planning Vacation, School, Work, ...
      It's a wonder I have time to sleep.

      I keep telling the Mrs. that I am going to make it to IDPA one of these thursdays but hasn't happened yet.

      That weekend I have to contend with a Sat morning Baseball game and Friday and Sunday Practice.

    3. I haven't made it to IDPA in quite some time now. I got really busy at work, and I see no end in sight until the global banking system collapses.

  2. Really really wanted to make it down for the NRA convention but had to choose between that and the Blog shoot.
    That wasn't an easy choice but the shoot won.

    There are quite a few folks coming in for the convention that I would like to finally met face to face. Drat my inability to win the lottery (would help if I bought a ticket I suppose).

  3. I'm still in town and will be staying through the NRA Annual Meeting. There are dinners planned for both Friday and Saturday night. Drop me an email for details.


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