Friday, April 26, 2013

Nothing good happens after midnight

That's what my elders always told me anyway.  Turns out they were right. So, you don't find me out that late much these days.

Between 7 and 9pm, that's the sweet spot.  In spite of the previous post, Dinner was actually at the Ragin Cajun.  The Big Guy is in town and needed to refuel the Cayenne pepper reactor that drives his gravitational personality.  Jay had two of his mates from work in tow. Really nice guys. They both like Shiner Bock. That makes them OK in my book, I don't care what anyone else says.

Between Belle and Jay it was hard to get a word in edgewise, but it's just as well. I spent too much time attempting to coordinate the swallowing of  beer while laughing.

While listening to some of the back story of Mr Frogs Wild Ride Jay's ride home from Texas to Florida after DAB II in a 900 mile blinding rainstorm that never made the front page of Listen to Uncle Jay,  I learned that Ogres on motorcycles actually cannot absorb all that much water. Who knew? Right?

Thanks Jay.  We had a great time. Always good to see you.

As for the post title. If you close down the bar, you always see all the other drunks on the road going home. At 9:30 pm the amateur drunks are out after the office "happy hour"  in really heavy traffic running at 70 mph.  I do believe I uttered the word "really?" ten times on the way home tonight.

Protip for young single men: If you like your women on the trashy side, like the song lyric goes, there is some pretty hot trailer trash that hangs out at the Cajun on Friday nights. In herds no less.  Take a wad of cash as bait. They're looking for sugar daddies.



  1. So I have to travel to Texas to hit on the hot trailer trash? Dang. They have migrated. They used to be all around here!

    1. Nah, they are ubiquitous.
      I just happened upon a deer feeder of sorts.
      Last night was the first time I hit the Cajun for dinner. I usually do lunch there.

  2. Lunch if definitely good at Cajun. How are the bugs. I'm pretty picky. I definitely don't like seasoning on the shell it should be built in with a good soak.

    I definitely agree on the Shiner thing.

    70 is slow on the Northwest raceway. They must have been trying to behave to not get pulled over. At 5:00am when its running free 80 gets you passed like you're standing still.

    1. Have you driven I-10 lately? It's like 8 lanes wide and they all drive like my great aunts used to.
      60? srsly? 290 is the worst road in the city. If you aren't pushing 80, get out of the left lane.
      No, really lady, I've got a Ford F350 two feet behind my bumper, move over so I can hit the nitrous.
      He's making me a bit nervous.

    2. I take10 at least 3 days a week to get he kids from school after work. Then up the BW to 290 and HOV it out to The homestead.
      I-10 downtown in wife's new Acadia is when I found out about the built in delay for downshifting. With a dodge 3500 dally running up my rear. I had plenty of room to pull it off except SUV not go. A Prius coulda done it better. Now that I know this I have learned to compensate

  3. Funny you should mention Shiner Bock... my brother in-law stopped by last month and introduced me to that tasty brew from the Lone Star State! Turns out that he was down there on one of his excursions with the USMC recently and he took a liking to it. The good news is I can find it local here in NJ!

    Sounds like you guys had good times with good company! Nothing better than breaking bread with friends (old and new).


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