Friday, April 19, 2013

So, I just have to ask

I know this is going to be insensitive and perhaps politically incorrect, but is any body else west of Massachusetts as wound up and breathless as the media about this manhunt for douchebag Boston Marathon bomber suspect #2?

I mean, I don't feel the least bit threatened.

I have the news on. Something is happening.  The media is scratching the bottom of its brain via a nasal passage. Digging deep for words, more words, words more words to fill the passing seconds to fill the 24/7 news cycle.
  The suspect may be holed up in a boat on a trailer in someone's driveway. An unidentified witness has purportedly stated that many shots were fired and the suspect may be dead.  Knowing the accuracy with which the Po Po up north can place a round, all I can say is "poor boat".  I hope the owner has good insurance.  The fortunate thing is that this is not a crowded street in New York City.

The media has attempted to turn this into a national catastrophe. It is not.  It is a local criminal act. Jihad? Maybe. The perps are Chechen Muslims living a seventh century religion in a modern world.

Watertown, MA. went into lockdown. This is not an appropriate response to a loose fugitive.  I suggest a block party.  Everybody on the block get your sidearm and shotgun.  Bring the BBQ pit and a cooler of beer out front. Don't forget the lawn chairs, it's going to be a long day, perhaps extending into the night. Let the dog out into the back yard.  If you don't have a dog, borrow one.
I call this the IRL denial of service attack. Leave the perp no where to runhide.
Anybody shows up and sets foot on your lawn that you don't know, shoot him.
Now that's crowd sourcing rat thar!

Wait.  That's the people's republic of Massachusetts, not Texas. My bad. Never mind.

As I watched the Communist News Network at the airport last night I noticed how they showed the time in the lower right of the screen. Eastern time then it would show Pacific time.  Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway. All us 'tards in the fly over Central and Mountain time zones can't tell time anyway.
And the geniuses at CNN can't figure out why the number of people that watch is so dismally low.


  1. Not yge only one wondering why so much attenttion is being focused on this. The skeptically in me says it is a conditioning run by the media and government. I don't mean the bombing but the response - lock down and every one must obey maw enforcement.

    I was thinking the same thing about the proper responce -lets turn on the lights and turn over the rocks; give the vermin no place to hide


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