Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A house divided

Many of us down here in Texas have not been too terribly happy with our Senator John Cornyn (R) who has habitually gone squishy on us almost immediately post election.  Cornyn's idea of representation is to tell us what DC's opinion is of us rather than the other way around.
Cornyn is in full conservative chameleon mode right now seeing as he is coming up for re-election in 2014.
I heard on the news today, one of our truly conservative U.S. Congressmen, Steve Stockman, SURPRISE!  filed at the last minute to run against Cornyn in the primaries. The stupid party establishment lost continence.

This is going to be a dog fight. Both have plenty of name recognition in the state. Cornyn has a massive  political machine behind him and millions in his campaign coffers.  Stockman, at the moment, has something like thirty-seven thousand.
Stockman has a very steep uphill climb ahead of him. While I'd like to see him unseat Cornyn, I fear Texans may lose twice on this one. Cornyn gets re-elected and we lose a great congressman in the process.

But then, Cruz was a long shot running against a very long time establishment pol too, so we shall see.

The time has come for the establishment republicans to retire and "spend more time with the family".
Although, I bet they suck at that as well, being the self centered self serving jack asses that they are.


  1. I see absolutely no down side of supporting Stockman in the primary. I don't see a democrat standing much of a chance -- I haven't even heard who is running against the Reps.

    1. I have no reservations about supporting stockman either.
      Unfortunately, Cornyn will have RNC behind him doing all they can to maintain the status quo.
      Harumph, harumph.


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