Monday, December 2, 2013

Towel - throwing in

No not the blog.
Two vehicles headed to the crusher soon.   You know how it is. You make one last heroic effort to get it to run right, then you trade it in for a shiny new car loan.
The old Astro Van leaks at both ends now when it rains. Rust is eternal.
 The man child's Jeep crapped out again, downtown in the basement level of a parking garage after we'd changed out the fuel pump. The jeep leaks when it rains also. Egregiously.  And, it is truly a piece of shit car. Although, it runs like a bat outa hell...when you can get it started.

While I may be curmudgeonly, I am not enough of a money grubbing evil son of a bitch to trade either of these vehicles nor sell them to any poor soul.  I will have to answer for my sins eventually after all.

He and I shopped used car lots last Saturday until we couldn't remember which we'd already been to.
He's got a newer and more fuel efficient vehicle a decade plus model year.

So the two oldest beaters in the BAR Corp. HQ fleet will be headed to the salvage yard soon.
I need to pull the stereos and other assorted stuff out of them first...they are worth more than the scrap iron.

The old van, inherited from my mother turned into a bit of a quest for me.  83K miles on it when I got it and it barely ran.  Via a bunch of driveway crawling and getting greasy, I got another 100K+ miles out of it.  I can turn a wrench.  The rust I was unable to overcome.

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