Monday, December 30, 2013


Took off between Christmas and New Years. A long needed break from a very hectic year. I've been hanging around the house just decompressing.
Two weeks back the water cut off valve for the powder room toilet decided to start dripping. So the valve was closed and the powder room out of commission until I had time to get to it.
No big deal thinks me, I'll take care of this while on my staycation. I'll just go down to the big box hardware store and get a replacement valve.
What a pain in ass this turned out to be.
While attempting to fix the original leak, I managed to make things worse. To cut to the chase, as of the last thirty minutes or so, it appears we have a successful repair. 100% silicone sealant is your friend.

Then came the "twenty minute" light fixture replacement.  Okay. It was more like an hour, but this one came off without a hitch.
 Last time I replaced a fixture, it turned into two days. That'll happen when you drill through a water pipe.
It was that same damn powder room now that I think about it.  Cursed it is.
Anything else goes wrong in there, I'm just going to nail the door shut.

*The framers did an awesome job on this house. The "plumbers", not so much.


  1. Projects like that ALWAYS take more time than you think. Glad it didn't involve large amounts of water going places it shouldn't.

  2. I categorically refuse to touch plumbing. Saves a lot of wear and tear on my truck driving back and forth to the hardware store.

  3. Sometimes they seem to be never ending.
    effer still has a slow drip. I'm going to have to disassemble it again.
    My guess is I didn't wait long enough for the silicone to set up before turning the house main valve back on.


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