Thursday, December 12, 2013

Culinary News Alert

This just in from Belle's deeply embedded contacts in the People's Republic of Kalifornia
Word is that Huy Fong is being sued in California due to the vapors emitting from the facility where Rooster Sauce, aka Sriracha sauce, is produced.
Production has been halted and Huy Fong has been prohibited from shipping.

Fortunately Sriracha sauce is not a mainstay foodstuff of vunables, so the likelihood of riots and looting are small.  However, you might want to hit the grocery tomorrow and stock up.

The legal process in Kalifornia is designed to last one day longer than the defendant's money lasts.


  1. I made my own

    Not as pasty, and hotter to boot.

    1. hmm, looks yummy?
      How was the morning constitutional the next day?
      Were you wishing you'd consumed ice cream the night before?

  2. I haven't actually used much of my sauce yet, but I've been using the dried chili flakes I got out of it in lots of stuff. I gave a bottle to a friend who is a big hot sauce guy and he loves it, and has been ranting and raving to everyone he sees about it, though, so that's good...


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