Monday, June 23, 2014

Got an email from Tactical Firearms....

 a couple of days ago, and two more today.*

Yep, that Tactical Firearms.
I read  all the emails and I find myself not "all in" on this one.

I've been watching the net for past few days to see if this got any traction.  Not that much...
I've seen in the news where banks are getting strong armed into dropping gun stores accounts, but this part made me think things weren't so cut and dried:
"When it became time to refinance the loans, one of our owners (30%), [Name Redacted**], decided to back out. It is our belief based on what we have since learned that [NR] wished to seize control of the company."

Tactical Firearms has been aggressively tweaking Obama's nose with their signs, and so it is plausible that Obama's Orks have in fact gone after their bank to get at them.  But that one quote gives me pause.

A statement that a sleazy banker made to me many years ago has always stuck with me, "In business, your friends will fuck you, your enemies will fuck you bad."
Unfortunately, I have found this to be true.

The internet never forgets, and neither do I.    My reply to a comment on the post seems to have come home to roost.
"Gaining customers via competition is fair game. Gaining customers by having the Federal Government put them out of business and impinge on my rights in the process is not."
Karma is a bitch.

As I stated before this could be Obama's minions coming after Tactical Firearms, but I'm not totally buying it just yet.  Call me skeptical.

*  Shot there once with a bud. After the subject of the second link, I've never gone back.

** I am a highly educated redneck, I am not stupid enough to get dragged into this moron's problem.

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