Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Range Day - Getting to know Irina....

I have decided that Tuesday mornings are going to be my range day.  I will alternate between long guns and pistols every week.  Although last week I went to the rifle range, I decided to go again this week since I left them with my Mosin Nagant (aka Irina) and wanted to keep pecking away at sighting in the scope on Aphrodite (the AR15).

I've not fired Irina much since the sights were way off so I really didn't know her.  Natasha (Tokorev), I know very well, but not my sweet Irina.  When I got to the range today, I was very happy that she was ready to go, so I took her to the line, got situated and loaded her up.

At first I was pulling high and to the left, no doubt anticipating my shot, not really remembering or knowing what to expect from her, but as I really got the feel for her.. well let's just say that I was much improved.

I still have a lot of getting to know you better sessions before I get as consistent as I am with Natasha but I'm very pleased with the outcome.  The one almost dead center is a beauty and makes me hungry for more.

Getting to know your weapon is somewhat like getting to know a lover or even a friend.  You must take the time to really understand them.  To know what they like and dislike, to know how they are going to react when you touch them here or there, or know exactly how to hold them.  You need to get to know every contour to get the most pleasure but most of all, you have to nurture the relationship to keep it sharp and to stay in tune, otherwise, all you're doing is spinning your wheels and getting no traction.

The better you know your firearm, the better the relationship between your weapon of choice and yourself will be.  Understanding how they work, how they feel, knowing every curve and edge is of the utmost importance for a true partnership to occur.  When you are at one with your firearm, then you are accurate, safe and I would even say, at peace.

This past year or so, I've neglected my girls.  With the ammo shortage and cost of shooting, I've neglected to go to the range like I used to.  Shame on me.  My skills are not what they once were and I no longer feel confident in carrying my pistol day to day for fear of the what ifs....    What if I actually have to draw and fire, will I be endangering someone else?  What if I miss?  I am responsible for every round that leaves my gun, period.  So out of worrying about the 'what ifs' I am not carrying these days.  Again, shame on me.

Now that I've settled in to being at home again, I have set aside Tuesdays as my range day and I have to say, when I get home from the range, I feel happy and I feel like I've done something wonderful.  Life is good and I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to enjoy my weapons.

Until next time....     Belle.


  1. Thank you Borepatch.. good to be back. I will try and not go MIA again.. :)


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