Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Range Day with Natasha and Aphrodite

Ahhh yes...   today was the first time in ages that I went to the rifle range all by myself and took along my beloved Natasha (the Tokorev) and my sweet little Aphrodite (AR15).

Naturally on a Tuesday morning the range was not busy but the ones that were there were either more 'seasoned' gentleman and one lone high school aged boy.

As per usual, I walk down to my lane and the guys kind of look but pay little attention, guess they figure it may be odd for a woman to be out there alone but could she really do much damage?  I unpack Natasha and load her up, then fire off my first shot...    heads whip around and suddenly I have gents watching and waiting for me to screw up.

I love that for some reason.  Maybe it's just in my own silent way educating the old timers that while we may be ladies, we can be just as capable that fuels the thrill of it all, or if it's the knowledge of knowing that I have a splendid tool in my hands and I am very capable of using it that gets me going, but whatever it is, I do know that the sound of the bang and the recoil that follows sustains me in an odd sort of way.

When I'm at this particular range, I always feel my father there with me.  It's the same range where he taught me to shoot when I was only 10 years old.  Good times.  Dad is gone now since 1996 but he still lives in my heart when I'm shooting, playing golf, fishing or if I happen to be working on a car (which i rarely have to do thanks to KX).

I digress.

Today was just a nice peaceful day and I am hoping that Tuesday will be my range day and will alternate between long guns and pistols.

The target that I am posting is of course Natasha.  I'm too ashamed to post the other simply because I was sighting in the scope and so some of it was really really bad...

At any rate, Belle is back.  I got kind of burned out on blogging and really didn't have much to say of importance but then I as reminded that it doesn't have to have all the eclat of a proverb for me to post... just do it......and you know what?   that's a very true statement.

Range day was really wonderful.  I got to shoot of course, but the conversation of the old timers and the youngster that was there was really priceless.   I am truly blessed.


  1. Very nice and welcome back! You have been missed!

  2. awww thank you... good to be back.. just not a lot to say lately.. lol.. well for a year and a half! I'm lucky that KX picked up the slack...

  3. Who ever said that you had to have real content?

  4. I am in the same boat. Not much to say, and lots of time in between the things I do say.


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