Sunday, June 15, 2014

I didn't know this still existed...

The look of horror on my face when they brought it to the table..  


  1. That the swill known as PBR still exists, or in a 16 oz can?

  2. It's the only beer the Heart Attack Grill serves! In cans.
    Not my first choice, but, when in Rome...


  3. Palatable when so cold its near frozen. Just cold its somewhat less then ideal. Tepid or warm? Forget it. A misspent early adulthood taught me the ins and outs of cheap beer. PBR wasn't the worse. Hell how many of you still remember Falstaff and other brands that died off in the 1970's?

    1. LOL... well in the 70's I was too young to drink beer... I was in elementary school.... but I've heard rumors...

  4. It has been Revived by the Hipster.

    They have a Bar in the Planet Holywood Casino in Vegas
    Zac Brown even mentions them in his music.

    PBR does not always = Professional Bull Riding.
    It's how the "cool" kids order their beer


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