Friday, August 17, 2012


of computer problems are caused by the users. This is 100% true.
50% of the time I can walk to the user's workstation and ask them to do what they did before while I watch over their shoulder, and lo and behold, it doesn't happen again.
Our Secretaries  support staff have been on a roll lately.
"I've tried to rename this file like ten times and it won't let me do it. So I tried to move it to another folder and it won't let me do that Either!"
"May I have your chair so I can get to the keyboard?"
I minimize umpteen different windows open and I arrive at a document.
"What was the file name of that document you were trying to rename?"
"It was xxxdlf.AIA.effing. contract.doc.doc."
"Let me close this and let's see if it works now."
"Oh! It worked!  That's so Weird!"
"You had the file open."
"You have a voter's registration card, don't you."


  1. I have always said I would have a perfectly running network if not for all the users on it.

  2. We got spam-hammered last week. My users were complaining. My response was the only 100% effective spam filter is the "off" switch on the email server.
    I'm working on it.
    p.s. It would help greatly if you id 10 tees would not use your work email address to join the "slightly gray,and not quite black tee cup poodle association's on line forum"


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