Friday, August 3, 2012

The Purple People Eaters showed up

Left early for lunch to make my third attempt to get my fingerprints taken.  Finally succeeded.
As I exited the elevator into the lobby I noticed a bunch of purple shirts protesting outside the front doors (SEIU). The janitors are on strike.  I so wanted to snap a couple of pics, but after two failed attempts at getting the fingerprints done, there was no way I was going to be late for my appointment.
I wondered if they realized the office park is private property.  I suspected they'd be gone by the time I got back. Heck, maybe Security didn't have to run them off.  If they are still around, they are out in the public right of way somewhere sweating their asses off. Ninety-five degrees outside with a heat index of eleventy hundred, and not a one of them looked to be a pound under 240.
ooh girl, my press on nails are startin to come undone, I got to get in to some air conditioning.

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  1. We've had them around here for weeks. I'm sick of 'em.

    They were throwing pamphlets off the second floor of our building on Monday. They were on the News along with a Co-Worker wanting to know if they were all here legally. I believe she was on ABC 13.

    If I had a contract with their employer I'd cut-em loose for doing that in my building.


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