Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The higher you rise, the further you can fall

Brings to mind Icarus from Greek mythology (hey, I'm a highly educated, and licensed redneck... by the State of Texas no less).
Randy Travis' life has apparently turned to shit, so he decided to get drunk and get neckid and now he's in the news. ( and jail)
For my non-Southern readers: If you are naked, you are disrobed. If you are neckid, you are disrobed and up to something.
It appears Randy was so neckid that he either;  a) got into an altercation with the PoPo, or;  b) fell down of his own accord and face planted on the asphalt.
Getting your name out there appears to have become a life threatening undertaking for aging Country Music Stars these days.  I mean really. What you have to do to get higher up the list on Drudge than Lady Gaga.
All of that blather aside, I'd like to dedicate this to my lovely, and well armed wife, The Southern Belle.


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