Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Captcha codes, MessNBC and George Soros

No direct relationship between the three necessarily, just three random musings vying for Top Thought.  It's Coops fault.  Mental whiplash from looking at a pic of The Won!, and then cute cheerleaders.

1)  The Captcha codes have gotten so distorted that I'm pleasantly surprised when I get one right.  Commenting on Coop's post, I managed to get that one right the first time.  I had to tilt my head at a 45 degree angle, but I gotterdun.  Sigh.  No lotto win this week for me.
2) MessNBC has a new logo! Bend Over!  Lean Forward.  Bias Much?
MessNBC has to be losing money hand over fist. I mean, that network is a gigantic sucking vortex of insane liberal fail. George Soros must be funding them to keep them afloat.
Speaking of which:
3)  Good ole George is engaged to a women less than half his age.   I wish her all the best.  The pre-nup was probably drafted by a dungeon full of loiyas, so it's going to be tough to pull an Anna Nicole Smith on him.  But I say give the good old gold digger try anyway.  I suggest pumping him full of Viagra, just to road test the ole ticker.  Downside is that you go back to your old job and go on the hunt again.  The upside for the rest of the free world is you tie his estate up in legalese beyond November 2012.

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