Thursday, August 16, 2012

A friendly note to auto assembly personnel

An oil filter does not require 100 foot pounds of torque to ensure it does not leak.
No, really. I've hand tightened hundreds of them with no leak problem. Really.

Also, cross threading is not an alternative progressive installation method.

The  canister containing the cartridge filter on my 2012 Scion tC refuses to budge.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do have the 65mm TRD 14 flute oil filter socket, thanks for asking.

This might turn out to be like the cap on Belle's Chevy Malibu cartridge oil filter. It appears I'll have to find a replacement before the next removal attempt, cuz I had to break that one off to replace the filter.
When I say "break", I mean take a chisel and hammer to it.

This is going to require some deep deep google fu. I may not be back for days.
Thank god for google translate, otherwise I might have to learn how to read Japanese.
 The car was built in Japan. Nobody has replacement parts, that I've seen. Not even my go-to site
God forbid, I should have to go to a stealer dealer for parts.

As an unsolicited plug, if you need parts for your car, particularly parts you can't get at your local third party auto parts store, fire up the intertubes and go HERE.
They have everything you need and can't find anywhere else. (except for my Scion just yet)


  1. Sounds like my "I cannot change a flat tire if you insist on over-tightening the lug nuts every time you rotate them" complaint to the shop.

    1. Torque specs I've seen for lug nuts are between 90 and 110 foot pounds, which you should be easily able to handle. Most people over torque when changing the tire,"cuz they don't want that sucker comin off!" Bad Ju JU if you have cast aluminum wheels.
      I watch the techs torque my lug nuts (with an actual torque wrench) when I'm getting new tires.
      If you eyeball them while they are working, they'll do it right.

  2. Every oil filter I ever changed required stabbing with a huge screwdriver. And you have an actual socket thingamajig? I'm impressed.

    1. I have had to use that same triage protocol myself.


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