Wednesday, August 15, 2012

See, this is what happens when you elect moonbats to positions of power.

Cal-State has put a "freeze" on accepting new students to the University system if Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown doesn't get him some sweet sweet tax increases.
"The university is moving to reduce enrollment to deal with $750 million in funding cuts already made in the 2011-12 fiscal year and position itself for at least an additional $200-million cut next year if the tax proposal fails"
As in, not accepting California residents.

Californians must be so pleased about this.  They've paid hard earned tax money into the system their whole working lives, hoping their kids will make decent enough grades to get into the State University, the one with the "less expensive" tuition, only to have their elected officials commit... what's the word I'm looking for..there it is..extortion.  Pay up or no State college for little Johnny.

But Wait! There's More!
 If you have cash, you go to the head of the line!

Out-of-state students, who represent only about 3% to 4% of the system's total, will probably not be affected because their higher tuition covers the cost of instruction, officials said.
Now, their State University System has become the British National Health Service, or is it the Canadian Healthcare System?
From personal experience, I know that if you have cash in your pocket and pay free market rates, you go to the head of the line in a Canadian Doctor's office, bypassing all the wheezing Canadians with their little plastic cards in the waiting room. In and out in twenty minutes tops, pharmacy script in hand.
Either will do for comparison.
This is exactly what we have to look forward to with Obummercare.

Meanwhile Governor Moonbeam and his band of moonbat miscreants in Sacramento continue to ratchet down the vice grip of increased taxation in an effort to squeeze more blood out of the rock.

found via: The Conservatory

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