Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where is that freaking thing!

My range bag and my 'puter have had a thing going for a while it appears. When I got home from the IDPA match last week, I set my range bag down on the floor as I sat on the couch.  The 'puter reached out to entwine little velcro fingers with the range bag.
So, when I picked up the bag to head upstairs, I summarily yanked the laptop off the end table via the velcro strap on the computer power chord.  I was unaware that it was possible for this action to accelerate the chordless mouse to the requisite 88 miles per hour allowing it to break the time / space continuum.  There's just not that much stuff in this room, but that mouse is still nowhere to be found.
Probably hanging out with the cell phone I lost in here a few weeks back. (and half the mates to my socks)
I don't know...not as young as I used to be. Maybe it's my brain that went down the wormhole.

wait..I didn't look in the clothes dryer...

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