Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Desperation is the Father of strength and courage to get it done.
I finally got the damn oil filter off the tC.  It's the cartridge type filter, so driving a screwdriver through it just wasn't an option.  Well, not today anyway, since I don't have a replacement part.
I've had to dissect one with a chisel before, but that was a well planned event with replacement in hand.

I decided to give the 14 flute filter socket a try again, summing up all my determination. Applying force slowly so as to not round off the corners till my hand hurt...wait...did I see movement there?
Rest.  Apply force to the point of pain again.  Yes, it did move.
Around ten more applications of pain got it to where it would turn reasonably well with the ratchet.
I was so elated that I neglected to put a bit of anti-seize grease on the container threads when I re-installed it.
oh, well. Next time. At least it's not torqued to infinity million foot pounds now.


  1. Good job! Me, I have something else automotive coming up. I have not done it in years.

    1. you are such a freaking a tease.
      what? what? what?
      Guess I'll just have to read your blog.


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