Friday, August 24, 2012

Rattling the Saber

Penn State appears to have rotted from the top down.
Heh.  Penn State professor. Michael Mann has elected to undergo the colonoscopy of discovery. "Discovery"  in the legal sense..

Dr. "Hide the decline in the Hockey Stick" says he is going to sue the National Review.  I'd be willing to bet that if this suit even makes it to the point of actually being filed, it gets dropped at the first request for production of documents.

I hope he's deluded enough to carry on. I'm looking forward to watching his "Global Worming".  I'm sure his partners in crime are feverishly performing the "I have to pee pee" dance right now.  Many of his esteemed Global Warming colleagues will be implicated if Dr. Mann's documents become public record.

I wonder if a defense fund has been set up yet at the National Review? I'll kick in at least the price of a movie ticket to whatch this unfold.

Shhhh. It's starting. Pass the popcorn

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