Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well. This should be Interesting.

That crack in the concrete and the wet spot coincide with the water main to the Crik House. Inside the water meter. Of course.  (waiting for North's innuendo, in 3...2...1) :-)
My elder Brother in Law's idea is to sleeve a smaller diameter pvc pipe through the existing pipe.
That "might" work.
I suspect we might have to come up with some creative "coring" techniques though.
I really don't want to recreate the "Great Escape" from Caney Creek.
We may need the Only Son and the older Nephew to operate the excavation devices.


  1. Uh, crack. Wet. Something... laying pipe... something.

    I just don't have it in me today. (That's what she said.)

  2. That does not look like an enjoyable task. Good luck.

    I wonder if you can buy the pipe liner like the plumbing companies are advertising where they push a large condom through the inside of the pipe to create an inner liner.

  3. If taht's your water supply line you can forget about sleeving it - it will only be 1/2 inch galvanized, and you just can't do that. Sorry. It works for waste water lines, but not pressure The damp spot may not be the actual location of the break in the pipe, too. You might want to consider borrowing a big impact drill and getting a couple of moisture meters - like the ones used to monitor potted plants, find 'em at a good nursery or garden store if you don't have access to lab equipment. Localize the break, then drill a mess of near-tangent holes and break out the concrete manually with a cold chisel and bigger hammer (I like the 3# Estwing Engineer's one hand sledge), excavate, and use a saddle clamp over the break. If (as ia most likely the case) the break is at a fitting, just cut it out and splice in with compression couplings (not not not compression fittings - a compression coupling sleeves over the joint and seals by using monster O rings at each end compressed by threaded fittings).
    Local teens can often be employed for thte brute labor. Beer will be needed. A bag of black top patch should fill the hole.

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