Tuesday, August 28, 2012


And be required to spend much, much more range time. 
(and maybe a smidge of tactical training as well)
In light of the fact that it appears that all nine of the civilians recently shot in New York, were shot by the police, Mr. Owens believes that the beat officers should have applied less lethal force.

Let's see.  Sumdood is pointing a pistol at you, how do you respond:  a) Night Stick. b) Taser or c.) Service Pistol.
Mr. Owens believes answer b) is the correct answer.
I kept reading between the lines searching for hints of sarcasm in Mr. Owen's post at PJ Media, if it was there, I missed it.
If sumdood pulled a gun on me, I don't think I'd be drawing a taser. Hell the reflexive muscle contractions alone would probably cause him to squeeze off a round.

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