Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wow, time flies... Rolling up on 2nd Blogiversary

On September 4th, BAR will be having our 2 year Blogiversary.

I never really knew where I was going to go with this little blog when I started it.  I started off with a mild political rant and then moved on to a couple of funny stories then from there, once Kx sent the famous Borepatch a headsup that I started blogging....  zoom!  My blog started taking off.

My first inquiry about who the heck is reading my blog recieved a comment from The Big Guy and he said, "Reading? We're not just reading, Sugar... Some of us have added you to our blogrolls and RSS readers.  Keep up the good work!"  (I love fact that he called me Sugar  good ole Southern boy that he is...   and meeting him in person was wonderful! I hope he can make DABII)

Soon, I started reading other blogs, mostly Gunnies and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed shooting and so I decided to take it up again.  That's been about a year and a half ago.

Finally, I convinced Kx59 to join me in blogging and thank goodness he did!  He's been great about keeping the blog rolling and because of him, I have gotten more and more in tune with the gun blogging community.

So, how is BAR doing?  For a little blog that I never dreamed anyone would care to read so far our stats look like so:

Total Pageviews as of this morning 52,608
Average hits per day are anywhere from 100-250
We have 1067 (about to be 1068) posts published
There are 36 Followers (thank you so much!!!)
We have hits from EVERY state in the Union, plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the USVI
Since this past November alone, we have hits from 79 Countries (Excluding the US) spanning over 6 continents (am missing Antartica).

Top 10 Countries who read BAR Highest to Lowest Hit Count:
United States
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Our largest referring sites:
Gun Blog Blacklist (thanks North!)
Feral Irishman

So I want to just stop and take the opportunity to thank all of you for reading.  Thank you to our readers from all over the world (would love an email from you letting me know who you are and why you like our blog...  I'm way curious over that one)!

I think that the best thing that I have gotten from blogging is the sense of a very good blogging community out there.  Having the opportunity to meet wonderful people such as The Redneck Engineer and Bob S and aforementioned Borepatch and The Big Guy.

It's not just those four, but so many others that we've met Ye Old Furt, Alan and well, they are all listed in the Side Bar.... Having met each of you is an honor and a pleasure!

My suspicion is that many of our overseas readers are either Military or people who are working over seas.  For those of you in our Armed Services, please, once again, accept my humblest thank you for not only reading, but for defending my right to even have this blog!

I know also that many of our readers are Veterans and again, my deepest thanks to you as well.

I am seriously in awe and very humbled by how quickly this blog has taken off most of which has been in the past 8 months or so.  (Since KX joined the BAR team)

If you all keep reading....  we will certainly keep writing!

Thanks again!


  1. Congrats slightly in advance but mostly thanks.

    Thanks for writing both of you. It is a pleasure to read and it was a greater pleasure to meet you both at DAB I.

    I think there is a ground swell of people finally speaking up about their beliefs. Not just to their friends but online like this. I think that we are discovering that we aren't alone, we aren't out of the mainstream and finding kindred spirits is not only rewarding but fun.

    If you all keep reading.... we will certainly keep writing!

    And we'll read as long as you write.

  2. I was going to say something, but I'll just add a "ditto" to what Bob S. said. Early congrats, etc.

    It was great meeting y'all at DAB 1.0, and I sure hope y'all (and your daughter, etc.) make it down for DAB 2.0

    1. Oh we are there for DAB 2.... no doubt about that!

    2. Good deal!
      I might have to bring some guns or something to shoot while y'all are here.=)

  3. I love the look my husband had when I mentioned something you had written. He asked me where I read it and I told him it was a gun blog I had stumbled across. (can't remember what it was, but I started reading right around the time you went to Dallas for the DAB1) The look was priceless.

    So, please keep writing so I can keep shocking my husband!

    1. Sheridan, thank you for reading! I am trying to think of what I could have possibly said that would have shocked your husband, but coming from my mouth it could have been just about anything!

    2. The shock was me reading a gun blog :) I like to keep him on his toes.

  4. Greetings from across the pond!
    Y'all are still one of my every-morning reads, Sweetheart. (Glad you're not offended by Southern Charm / Male Chauvinism. ;) )

    Come hell or high water I will see you in Dallas in September to buy you & KX59 a congratulatory-anniversary beverage!


    1. YAY!! and of course I don't get offended by that southern charm.... *grins*

      My boss calls me 'hon, sweetie and girl'... it cracks me up.


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