Friday, August 3, 2012

Overheard On the Couch

Sometimes I can be a little 'gruff' in my tone of voice when speaking to my other half.  Poor guy, he will say something and catch me in the middle of watching TV or surfing the web or chatting..  and I will turn around give him my reply in full snark tone.

This happened last night and this is what took place:

Kx59:  Asks question....
Southern Belle:  Snarky reply...
Kx:  "Well goddamn, Taz!"
SB:  "Taz?"
Kx "blahblahblahblah ppppbbbllllttt" (Taz imitation, a very good one at that)
SB:  (laughing)
Kx:  "I'm just going to call you Taz, that's what you sound like."
SB:  "Fine, just for that I'm going to go get a tatoo of Taz on my shoulder"
Kx:  "Knock yourself out"

I see a Taz on my shoulder in the very very near future....   bwahahahah

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