Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Might I suggest Texas?

Also I have this great idea for a factory outlet store.

We are a business friendly State and most of us are ardent supporters of the Second Amendment.



  1. 1 square inch of sandpaper and 3 minutes. Microstamping is the dumbest idea ever. I'm trying to think of something dumber, but it's not coming.

  2. We had the ideal site for a plant too. At least until that big food company filled the building.

  3. Welcome (tentatively) to Texas, where even our antigunners own guns.

  4. I was thinking of just south of Arlington Texas. Land is cheap and I happen to know of a large group of people willing to be involved in product testing.
    And we could provide our own range.

  5. I'd be partial to San Antonio (might offer me a job opportunity!).
    What the owners of both companies have to consider (for their long term economic survival) is whether it is better to completely recombobulate their current operation or start with a new state of the art facility.


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